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Jija Sali ki Kahani 1

I'm sure you must have liked first part of Jija Salli ki dastan. . I'm posting experience of another young teen salli, Neera. But I will not reveal much, it's Neera ki Kahani Meri Jubani. Hey please do post me your comments and your own stories of Jija Salli. When I came back from college, Mom was engrossed in reading a letter.I asked, hey Mom whose letter is this. She replied, " Your sister's, your jiju is coming for a month here." I felt happy and said yes this is a good news. But she replied with a week smile, " but your jiju is not going to stay here. He will be staying at his friends' place. And the reason given is that he will be close to his office." I tried to placate Mom with unconvincing reply, " no Mom I will make him come here." She had to attend some charity meeting or a kitty party so she rushed out. She patted me and said ok you should talk and persuade him. I went to my room and lied down. I was torn with guilt and may be pangs of desire too. But I thing this is not a proper way to narrate. One must begin from beginning, as they say. You may like to ask why I was torn with guilt, why my jiju was averse to stay with us and so forth. Ok so let me tell from the beginning. Maybe if it would have been a film they would have got the pages turned back or seasons changed. . But let me tell my story in a straightforward manner. I'm Neera. When my sister got married, less than two years back, I was studying in std. X th .. I was precocious both physically and mentally. Just after few months after marriage it was Holi and my Jija and my sister came. My Jija, Rajiva was a medical Rep in some hot shot MNC. He was quite tall and dashing. There used to be a lot of talk about jija salli and especially during Holi. At that time I had quiet a different notion (Italics mine and quiet well meant.) about these relations and I was against all stereo types. I was prepared to go up to, may be some double meaning dialogues, may be some teasing but nothing physical. I used to feel that this is an opportunity used by males to get the benefit of young unsuspecting girls. Jija ji used to tease me a lot with typical "Dallunga" "Dalvana padega" type dialogues and I used to pas it of jokingly. At the time I used to feel strange that my sister, including my mom was even encouraging such exchanges and goaded me to respond. On the day of Holi I shut myself in a room. However, Jija with the help of my sister succeeded in persuading me to come out. Initially it was only color and I too was enjoying it. I also smeared color on his face. But it was only beginning. When most of my family was away he caught me unawares and inserted his hand in my kurta and before I could resist grabbed my young breasts. I was aghast. I tried to resist but in vain and he kept on caressing fondling them. I showed strong anger and made him retract his hand. I said many things, which I felt I should not have said. He was nonplussed. He said even sorry but I was not to excuse him. He left me and after that he stopped even doing any majak with me. It has been since then, neither he nor didi came to visit us. Apparently everything was normal.. ..But today's letter only showed that things are still not normal and Jiju's anger has not yet pacified. I was sorry for my behavior, I was really ashamed and wanted to manao my jija and I was prepared to do anything and I mean anything but I did not know how to proceed. I smiled meaning fully maybe this is an opportunity to express my regrets and improve my relationship with my lovely handsome Jiju. I was caught between sense of guilt and pangs of desire as my views have undergone a sea change in last two years. And now I used to feel that the way I reacted was really a very wrong way and what I was thinking as a mature view was really a very immature view. I'm sorry, I again jumped the story line. I was not only good in studies but also used to represent my school in Quiz, debate and most of the activity. A new girl Chaya joined my college in 11th and she was not only matching for me but also ahead with me in many areas. And we developed a very close friendship. However, her attitude towards boys and ` Those' things was totally different. She was attractive, extrovert and as they say enjoyed life. She was living with his brother and Bhabhi. Her bhabhi, Sudha was really too much. When first time I went to Chaya's house, she not only hugged me but also squeezed my boobs. She will not only goad both of us to patao some boys but even go ahead and do. Of course she will use typical words... ok to be precise, she used to tell us that her nannds should be first in padhai and first in chudai (first in studies and first in getting f-cked). Our friendship turned into family relations. As I did not have any brother Chaya' brother become my brother and Chaya's bhabhi became my bhabhi. They used to come to our house and Sudha bhabhi used to treat my mom as Sas and will touch her feet. Chaya even told me that many times she has seen her bhabhi doing it. And her interpretation was that bhabhi does it some times blatantly to tease her. Anyway these jokes, teasing and acceptance of a totally different attitude by a close friend led to change in my attitude and now many time Chaya and I will combine against banter of Bhabhi and give her strong response. Chaya was very much enamoured towards his Jija Jit and will never tire of talking about him. One day she told me that her jiju is coming to visit them for a few days. Next day when she came to college she was all glowing. I asked, hey your Jija brought anything for you and in turn she asked me a question what is hard and long and leaks. I could understand but pretended not to. She further clarified and said my Jija has it. I smiled and said yes I know and it is in his pant. She smiled yes but it is not what your dirty mind is thinking. He keeps his pen in pants pocket and she brought out a very thick and long (must have been more than 7inches long) black, cylindrical pen. She suggestively rolled it between her pink lips and winked at me. I teased her, " arre bach kar rahana , he may like to give you his other pen which oozes white ink" . She smiled back and said, arre bachana kaun chata hai, meri jaan and pinched my thighs under my skirt. Teacher looked at us and warned no talking and we become silent. Next day when she came to college she was eager to talk but there was no time. Only during 5th period after break there was library period. We went to the loneliest corner, known as coy corner. We were sitting on the same side and looking at some very thick books as if engrossed in study. I teased her , "Kyoun Jija ne abhi pen pkadaya ki nahin." She admitted yes and told me how it happened. She was looking for chocolate, which Jija has brought for her. He told her it's in pocket. When she put her hand and tried to grab it she unwittingly caught his hard rock Chocolate. She tried to remove her hand but jiju gripped her hand hard. He teased and said I never thought you are looking for this chocolate, but sure you will love it. What I meant was upper pocket and he brought out a thick long Swiss chocolate. Chaya opened her pink lips and grabbed it licking it slowly seductively and suggestively. I grabbed her boobs and said and asked what happened to these peaks. She in response grabbed mine and said they have been conquered on the day 1. When jiju came he just hugged her and his hands took full measurement. Then Chaya suddenly smiled and said, You know yesterday when Jiju saw your picture what he said. I asked, what picture. Oh last year we got snapped after our exam, you were in your yellow floral patterned frock, Chaya answered. I quizzed, " Ok what jija said, batao na". I was curious. Chaya pinched my boobs hard and said, " he was in a trance after looking you and first thing he said, Kya Mamme hain . Man karta hai ek ko kas kar pakdoun aur dosare ko munh main lekar chosata rahun." I was shocked and thrilled. Words were raw but compliment was unique. Chaya further added, and he was pleading me and Bhabhi , " ek baar Neera ki dilawa do to … I giggled and asked and then what you promised. Chaya to joined in the giggle and said you know we did what bhabhi says, treat for tit. I promised him ki thhek hai main apki saali se apko milava dungi and uske aap jane aur apki saali. And for this Jiju took us out to Pizza Hut. I dragged Chaya to canteen and made her feed me samosa and Pepsi as she and bhabhi has gone for a good dinner courtesy me. After eating, I blessed, " Jaldi hi Tumhari is bulbul ko chara mile aur vah bhar pur khaye." Saying this I pinched between her thighs over the skirt. Next day Chaya did not come to college. I was worried therefore I decided to pay a visit to her place. Partly I was also eager to see her Jija especially after listening to his comments about my ` Mamme' and his eagerness to meet me. I was selecting my wardrobe and suddenly I saw my yellow floral frock in which I had been snapped with Chaya and which drew such frank comments from Jija. I had certainly outgrown the dress a little bit but I still decided to wear it. I had grown taller and my boobs too have grown at least by one number. When I entered into it I was barely able to close my top buttons but I did succeed after keeping the top one open. My tennis ball sized teen boobs were trying to stretch and burst out and my frock barely contained them. When I looked down more of my legs over my knees were visible. But I decided to give it a try. I even dabbed some lipstick on my lips giving them some very prominent shape. I put a high heel sandal too knowing that they will only accentuate my hips swing. When I looked at me it was new `me'. When I rang the call bell at Chaya's place, Bhabhi opened the door and as I expected she hugged me, her heavy boobs crushing mine. When she left and looked me she gave a sigh and exclaimed. In her inimitable way she again embraced me, this time squeezing my boobs and said, " Nannd rani if I would had a LUND I would have f-cked you right here." Inside I started looking for Chaya. Bhabhi gave me a wicked smile and said, " there is a bad news about Chaya. She has deserted your ranks and joined mine." I could not guess and wondered. Bhabhi now could not stop her giggle and said pinching my cheeks, " arre, aaj Chaya Bibi ki phat gayi and now she is like me. Unki Bu (and I was expecting knowing her lingo that R will follow but it was not to be ) I mean uski Bulbul ne aaaj chara ghont liya and that two twice. Salli ke tale main Jija ki Talli lag gayi.""I also joined in the giggle. Meanwhile Chaya came out, grabbed her took her to bedroom and made her reveal that how her cherry was taken by jija ji in the morning. I made her confess all the details. She did admit at first it was painful but after that she enjoyed it like anything. She was bubbling. " Neera what ever one may try but there is nothing like real thing. Even if it was it was enjoyable too and once pain reduced, I just can't describe it. And Jiju was so caring. When I was feeling almost split and my hymn got torn he even offered to withdrew but I know that worst is over and clung to him. And second time was just heaven." She even made me agree that I also must try it with her Jija. I jokingly said, " only when jab tumse bachenge tab na" but she said " Na Baba na I'm totally tired this time you should try it and may be tomorrow I will be able to devour it again. Abhi tunhari baari hai and saying this she playfully inserted her index finger inside my panty. Her finger not only rubbed my vagina but made an entry too. I also after listening to her experience of joy and this asault made me wet. She went back to kitchen where she was preparing some real hot snacks for jija who was due any minute. Suddenly bell rang. Bhabhi told me, Arre, Neera Just open the door, looks if your Jija has come. I opened the door and he was there. He stood transfixed and his gaze was fixed on my young teen boobs. I knew what mesmerized him. I crossed my hands akimbo just below my boobs further accentuating them and introduced my self, smiling bewitchingly. " I'm your salli Neera". He was still in a trance. I invited him saying, " Jija ji andar aa jaieye ghra aapka hi hai." Now was his turn to smile back and he asked, " aur Salli". I replied in the same vain, " aur Salli bhi aapki" . He smiled in big way and grabbed me. He whispered in my ears, " looking at you I realized nobody can be this huri but my salli Neera." While whispering his lips caressed my earlobes which send down shivers. I tried to get out of his hug unhurriedly and asked, " Jija how you recognized me." He was now holding me, his hand crossing my back and caressing. He responded, " chand ko bhi apna naam batane ki jarrorat hoti hai kahin." I blushed but I again teased him. " Jija aaj apne meri saheli ko bahoot tang kiya." Now we were in drawing room and we sat down on sofa. He was again gazing at my young boobs unashamedly. He too bantered and said, " aur agar Main apki saheli ki saheli ko tang Karun to kya use bura lagega." Now I was fully in the game. He again asked, " to fir saheli ki sahlei ki Izajat hai." I responded in the same vain, " Arre kis Salli ki himaat hai jo mare Jija ko mana kar sake uar phir gar aap ne salli se izajat mangi to vah Salli , salli kaisi hui. Salli par to Jija ka poora hak hai." " aap ne mare dil ki baat kah di.", he said. I showed mock anger and shifted myself slightly away, " jaiye hum gussa ho gaye. Main aapki choti Salli hun aur aap mujhe aap aap kah rahe han". It gave him an opportunity and he grabbed my slender waist and pulled me very close to him and said, yes I'm sorry salli ji. Now his hand holding me had gone up and he was caressing from side, swell of my boobs. Suddenly Bhabhi entered with plates of some hot snacks. Jija just refused and said he will not take anything. I took the challenge and said Bhabhi don't bother I will feed him. Jija smiled and whispered something in Bhabhi's ear and Bhabhi in turn whispered back in my ear. I smiled and said, "Bhabi ye kaun si baat hai" and jumped into jija's lap. I took a slice of orange kept it between my lips and offered it to him. He just grabbed. I told Bhabhi and Jija, Bhabhi aab apke Nandoi, KHOLENGE aur main DALLONGI. JIJA willingly opened his mouth and I started made him eat. Now, as I was sitting in his lap, as if to hold me he had caught me by my waist. His other hand of course had slipped up and was now without any pretense fondling, caressing my young boob up to its peak. His hand will caress and then with slight press. It will move up to base of my tits and stop short of there. I had started enjoying it. My boobs were becoming hard and nipple had become almost erect. I winked at him and said, Jija ji how do you like. He answered by pressing my boobs hard. I could also feel something stirring and getting hard in his pants under my young bottom. Meanwhile Chaya came with some really hot pakora and rolls. She goaded Jija, "Jija, Salli theek se de rahi hai ki nahin." Jija answered Dil kholakar. Chaya pointed to me a large roll which was kept apart and said, Neera, Aaj Jija ji Ko roll jarror khilana I had put lot of pasion in it. I got her meaning. To lure him I offered him one pakora and before he could take it I ate it. Next one I pressed between my lips and I was moving it close to his mouth and this time too when he tried I gulped it. Now, he was desperate. I picked up the separate kept roll. It was very hot. I dabbed it with some chilly sauce and seductively took it between my lips and this time I let Jija take it from my lips. I even pressed my lips so that in one go the whole roll goes in. and now he was screaming murder. It was not only very hot but also full of red chilies. He started asking for water. But Chaya and I teased him a lot before Chaya offered him water. But he used this confusion to open button of my frock and now his hands were under my bra directly rubbing, squeezing my teen boobs. His other hand sneaked inside my frock and was caressing over my panty. His fingers were still outside and caressing, pressings out sidelines of my lower lips. Chaya had left and now we were alone. Jija started fluttering my tits and slowly his hand slipped inside my panty. His touch made me tingle. Now, slowly his palm was pressing against my pussy. I was loosing all sense and I spread my inner thighs further. It emboldened him and now his middle finger slowly parted my lips and was teasing, spreading it. He pressed with firmness and I moaned. Now tip of it was inside. He started rotating it slowly. Now his other hand has grabbed my fully erect nipple and was rolling it, pulling it between his forefinger and thumb. I surrendered before this double asault and let Jija guides me into a totally new world. My pussy, my inner thighs were spreading itself to welcome his intruding finger. He slowly pressed further and now it must have been at least half of the finger that was embedded between my lips of joy. I started wriggling, moving sliding my hips over his now fully hard manhood. He was sliding his finger slowly inside my pussy. His thumb-started pressing my pinky and it almost made me go over the edge. His hand too has shifted my other boob and was cupping it hard. His lips too started inflaming me further he kissed my earlobes and slowly started teasing me with his tongue. I was holding him hard. Now, he increased the tempo of fluttering my clit with his thumb. He guided my hands over his hardness and made rub it and then open his zipper. I had lost all inhibition and without hesitation followed his command. I grabbed IT over his brief and started sliding my palm over it as Jija was doing over my panty initially

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